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Two poems ~ poetry by William Jackson

Over at The Disappointed Housewife I have two more poems by talented L.A. writer, William Jackson.

You might have read his earlier contribution, “Constellations Ms (folio#073.119.82),” https://thedisappointedhousewife.com/2018/01/12/constellations-ms-folio073-119-82-poetry-by-william-jackson/ and maybe you were as enthralled as I was by his use of typography, crossouts, and underlines to enhance the visual presentation. Just what The Housewife ordered.

Zoom on over and have a look at his two new pieces, and while you’re there be sure to hit the “follow” button!

The Disappointed Housewife

inconsiderate spectre

clothes w/ bullet-holes in them on display in shop windows / teenagers berate their parents for being married for so long, all the cool kid’s parents got a divorce [a long time ago!] / no love letters for the lonely no wave no gentle kisses good-bye / Don’t pray for me pray for the G-d you’re praying to / Cigarettes lit on the fires of burning cities / vicious fumes sear the life from your blood and the color from your skin the heart screaming for an answer and an exit seeing light / left alone with the shadows all of you violently yelling at each other / Holograms of children before the smile was invented / a guy with headphones a guy sitting dully on a dimly lit porch with music in his ears and drugs in his soul waiting for all the excitement he’ll ever get…

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2 comments on “Two poems ~ poetry by William Jackson

  1. Sha'Tara
    February 6, 2018

    I remember reading stuff like that in the 60’s… and writing it myself. Then came the great Political Correctness, New Agey Yuppish Whitewash and all the misery miraculously disappeared. Maybe that PC veneer is wearing off and some are beginning to see their inner city reality, which is the reality of the majority, as it should be seen. So, it’s not pretty but comes a time, it becomes harder to pretend than to admit.

    • Kevin Brennan
      February 6, 2018

      Absolutely! Somewhere we got into the soft-focus personal confessional style and forgot to look around us.

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