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Chaga Saga Mama and the Mysterious Swoosh Noise ~ an essay by Brian Michael Barbeito

A new essay is up at The Disappointed Housewife this morning, about a mystical search for the rare and magical Chaga. Read to learn what the rare and magical Chaga is!

The Disappointed Housewife

In the night but before slumber three independent witnesses, two of which had earbuds in their ears with electrical devices turned on, heard a swishing sound loud and distinct and impossibly peculiar. There is a level of astonishment wherein one exclaims something but there is another place, past that, where all you can do is listen or watch in amazement.

The sound seemed one hundred percent paranormal and lasted about five seconds. No angel or alien, mist or message, came out from the area the sound was coming from. Five seconds sounds short, but when hearing something like that a true five seconds is incredibly long. Again, it was a swoosh that began loudly and gained in momentum and then stopped abruptly enough.

I checked every corner of the house and property and went through the usual suspects. Cold air return doing something funny. Melting roof ice. An electrical surgeā€¦

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