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Nourishing Traditions ~ poetry by Joan Mazza

Problems when you cook from traditional recipes … Linguine with chocolate chips, anyone?

The Disappointed Housewife

Nourishing Traditions

Two words meant to soothe. Even the cover
of this cookbook appeals— palm trees, shepherds,
sheaves of wheat in drawings that frame
the title below a sleepy sun. Traditional recipes

sound like a great idea, back to basics, natural
ingredients, no added chemicals or preservatives.
I’m gung-ho, ready to jump in the pot,
until I read ingredients. Each recipe asks for

something I don’t have, have never had on hand,
like green chiles or fish sauce (see page 157).
Turn the page to see how it’s made,
learn it asks for whey (see page 87)

and tamarind paste (available in African
markets). I live in the woods, red county
in a red state, where locals prefer every
meat and veggie fried. Many have stopped

eating greens. They buy their bread in bags
at Food Lion, drive the long ride home. I’d like
to make bone broth, plus chicken…

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