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Triple-Bubble Puddle: The Satiety of Influence ~ poetry by Jake Sheff

A brilliant mash-up this morning at The Housewife, of Wallace Stevens and Emily Dickinson. And look for more from poet Jake Sheff soon …

The Disappointed Housewife

After “The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens and
“Because I could not stop for death – (479)” by Emily Dickinson

Because one must stop winter’s mind –
though I could not have death –
the forest’s rearguard held its snow
as kindling bowed

to crust. Like sour elves, immortal
carnage slowly stooped. The pine-trees
drove new haste. And time put cold
away in long

pajamas. My leisure shagged a has-
been, spruce in rough civility. My
icy labor’s distance built a January
sun of gold.

The past was scolded; not for striving,
thinking or its children ringed in
misery’s success. The sun, zigzagging,
pissed in fields

of sound. A few leaves settled quivers
on the ipsilateral dew and sipped,
which drew the sound of chill. Our
land, full-grown,

in gesso’s loot; we sapped a house
that seemed to swell with wind. The
same grand wind was barely visible –

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