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Rain, Reign, Go Away ~ fiction by S. K. Nicholls

Look who has a story over at The Housewife this morning: S. K. Nicholls, friend of the blog going way back. Today she writes about water issues in the late great state of Florida. And don’t forget to show a little love via PayPal!

The Disappointed Housewife

Wanda Strickland was seventy years old when she moved
to Florida from Canada. Nice home with a grassy lawn
overlooking the bay. There was a pool where she could
swim daily to loosen her joints. Pretty gardens lined the
pathway down to the water’s edge. Sunshiny days kept her
outside. Wanda loved her gardens and spent many hours
tending to her gorgeous specimens. The flowers were the
colors of the birds, and the birds were the colors of a
rainbow. The time she spent nurturing her plants kept her
soul happy and her heart free of life’s remorse.

One day her son brought her a wooden rain barrel and
placed it at the gutter to collect the rainwater. Wanda would
fill her watering can and make her rounds every morning.
She added a small vegetable garden that helped reduce her
grocery bill and provided the freshest of produce. She had

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