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Institutionalized Temptation ~ poetry by Ken Poyner

New poetry by Ken Poyner. Let’s face it — Wonder Woman would never date you.

The Disappointed Housewife

Imagine the warrior princess
Leaning against a sword almost
As big as she.
Terrible twin breasts
Are barely contained in a brief
Animal skin bra, and her own un-road-mapped skin
Dips into brave loincloth half
G-string, half suggestion. Uncovered
Arms and pole-dancer thighs.
All the boys would want
To be heroically with her. Their fathers, too,
Though they understand that they could
Hold onto their best efforts but a second or two:
Then be bucked uselessly away, an unsatisfied,
Second-rate soul. Her damnation black hair
Rolls unguarded in the wind, ice crystals
Warm in her intimidating braids. Imagine
Her standing shadow-like, alone against sequences
Of monsters and men, an
Occasional witch or dwarf changeling –
But never offset by a woman her equal:
Protecting only against brittle stereotypes,
Not sexual templates.
The sweat of her efforts,
Strangely cautious about where it forms,
To the taste would transform all wounds

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