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Five poems ~ poetry by Tina Parker

Remarkable poetry at The Housewife, inspired by journals from a 19th century women’s asylum.

The Disappointed Housewife

Patient #2649: Arrival

God save me. God could not. Safe here away from him, or nearer. A door. Another
(door after door) and I open. I open my bags. They’ve emptied (me). They’ve taken
her. God (be with me) let me keep the baby. I’ve not had time to finish her blanket.
The final door. Open(s).

What I Became

Mossy treasure
Parsley bed
Love seat
Cock trap
Front parlour
That thing
Snapped shut

What I Left Behind

1 scrubbing brush
1 kettle
3 dishcloths
1 bar carbolic soap
1 enamel bowl
2 packets ammonia
1 broom
1 husband
3 sons
1 daughter

There is Room

They examined it 27 Feb
said it was full things in there I cannot
the first a ring
the second an apron

the first was an apron
and undershirts
gowns slippers
dresses a trunk
I’d never worn
the apron they’d not…

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3 comments on “Five poems ~ poetry by Tina Parker

  1. Luanne
    March 19, 2018

    Very cool!

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