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取り除き Torinozoki (Deinstallation) ~ poetry by Gregory Kimbrell

Originally posted on The Disappointed Housewife:
Gregory Kimbrell is the author of The Primitive Observatory (Southern Illinois University Press, 2016), winner of the 2014 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First…

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Sometimes it dawns on you, with no provocation at all, that your parents were totally square when you were a kid. For instance, I was just doing some math in … Continue reading

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Five poems ~ poetry by Tina Parker

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Patient #2649: Arrival God save me. God could not. Safe here away from him, or nearer. A door. Another (door after door) and I…

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You’ve changed

Our old friend, Max, stopped by yesterday. He’s the neighbor cat who used to hang around our place all the time, napping in our closet for hours, enjoying an occasional … Continue reading

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One plucky Russian

This is sort of an isolated track, because it’s just one dude playing the hell out of his guitar. A young Russian lad who is actually making this cheesy ’80’s … Continue reading

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Cis boom … bah!

It’s been floating around in the culture for a while now, but more and more the word “cis” is being used to tag straight men. Almost always men. And, to … Continue reading

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Institutionalized Temptation ~ poetry by Ken Poyner

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Imagine the warrior princess Leaning against a sword almost As big as she. Terrible twin breasts Are barely contained in a brief Animal skin…

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Rain, Reign, Go Away ~ fiction by S. K. Nicholls

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Wanda Strickland was seventy years old when she moved to Florida from Canada. Nice home with a grassy lawn overlooking the bay. There was…

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Triple-Bubble Puddle: The Satiety of Influence ~ poetry by Jake Sheff

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After “The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens and “Because I could not stop for death – (479)” by Emily Dickinson Because one must stop…

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Wilt thou?

We have these climbing roses in front of the house, and I’m worried about them because the leaves are turning yellow and no amount of extra watering seems to help. … Continue reading

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