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How to be a Different Kind of Showgirl ~ memoir by Kat Knuth

Kat Knuth goes through the showgirl checklist.

The Disappointed Housewife

  1. Curse the alarm. I mean really curse it. Curse at it as your fist slams into the shrieking metal bells atop the heart-shaped clock. Curse again at the pain now shooting through your hand.
  2. Hold onto the walls for support as you work your way toward the bathroom for a shower. Feel ten, maybe twenty, years older than you are. The water will streak lukewarm down your body. Slowly, let the tiled walls come into focus. Let your muscles relax and your hands fall to your side.
  3. Stare in the mirror through the fog. Pinch the folds of your stomach and sigh. Make a mental note to find some way to exercise.
  4. Wrap a towel around you. Walk back to your room down the hall in loopy strides and bump into the corner. Curse.
  5. Slam the door to your room. Glance at the clock. Curse.
  6. Gather the pieces of your…

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