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Slice o’ life

Now that our long cold (not so lonely) winter is over, we’re making the transition to the warm season. That means Elvis the Dog is outside barking his fricking head off this morning, for the second morning in a row, because his owners seem to have decided it’s going to get too hot for him in the garage. Or whatever.

And my weed whacking is done, more than a week early for the fire inspection on May 1, which happens to be my birthday. At least I’ll have a sense of pride as I inch a little further into my sixties when the inspector gives our place the A-OK.

And we might just be able to grab a hike up Little Baldy way on that day, if the primitive road is open. After the last storms dumped a pile of snow at that elevation, there’ve been a number of warmer days to melt it all, and I’m feeling optimistic. My birthday hike last year was a bust, a 1000-foot descent to the American River and then back up on a mid-80s afternoon. As I’ve mentioned before, Little Baldy is always satisfying – so satisfying my wife and I hope for our mortal remains to sit up there till the planet flies apart.

But we had an excellent walk on Saturday up in Grass Valley (to get away from Elvis), where we dined on PBJs in a piney glen and talked about how lucky we are. Anytime I get frustrated with the whole writing life thing, all I have to do is get my ass to one piney glen or another and talk about how lucky I am, and everything falls back into place. Writing isn’t everything, I have to keep reminding myself.

There’s an adage from one of my Stoic homies, Marcus Aurelius: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

Spring is here and the roses are abloom.

8 comments on “Slice o’ life

  1. Priscilla Bettis
    April 24, 2018

    Geez, poor Elvis. Glad you got in a happy hike.:-)

  2. kingmidget
    April 24, 2018

    As you know, you are perfectly situated for an endless # of hikes into piney glens. Enjoy your birthday hike.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 24, 2018

      Thanks, Mark! Looks to be a nice day up the mountain.

  3. 1WriteWay
    April 24, 2018

    Oh, indeed. I don’t get to enjoy too many hikes these days, but I’m often lucky with my walks in the development near where I work. One day I saw a bald eagle fly overhead. Ever the photo opportunist, he flew by once so I could get an eyeful and then came back around so I could get a picture. Another day a young red-tail hawk flew within two arm lengths of my face. Often I’ll see a bluebird or two. Those moments make me feel lucky and remind me that writing (work) isn’t everything.

    • Kevin Brennan
      April 24, 2018

      Wow, up close and personal with the birdies! I’ve still never seen a bald eagle, though we get our share of red-tails. I just don’t want to run into a bear out there …

      • Audrey Driscoll
        April 24, 2018

        So much good stuff in this post, Kevin! Good old Marcus; I’ll have to read his meditations again. Happy early birthday! And if you want to see lots of stunning eagle and bear photos, take a look at Wayne’s blog: https://tofinophotography.wordpress.com
        He lives in Tofino, a paradise-type place on the west side of Vancouver Island.

      • 1WriteWay
        April 25, 2018

        No, no bears! I’m not sure if I’d even want to meet up with a moose like Cinthia does 😏

  4. cinthiaritchie
    May 15, 2018

    Happy, happy belated birthday, Kevin (sorry, I’m a bit behind in my blog reading). I’ll send a bald eagle your way, and maybe a bear, too, but a very calm bear without an attitude, one that will stare at you and then turn around and shuffle back off into the brush, as all good bears should do. Anyway, hope you had a great hike, and a great day. Here’s to another productive and wonderful and lively year (!!).

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