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On Stamp Collections and Sentiment ~ essay by Bill Pearse

Good friend of the blog, Bill Pearse, has a thought-provoking essay at The Disappointed Housewife today. Run over and have a look!

The Disappointed Housewife

Tom Barra was from Queens, Italian, early 20s, playing the part of a preteen in our show. His fraternity brothers called him Cuda and stitched that on his jacket. Squat-shaped with tattoos, hairy back, 5 o’clock shadow. It took a lot of time and makeup to make him look the part of a young boy growing up on a farm in overalls, the lead character, a boy “touched” with the ability to divine water. Cuda would go into a trance with the divining rod, and a light cue made it look dark and surreal like he was underwater, tapping into another world. But after the production we found out he was really tapping into the director’s bank account and writing bad checks, a thug.

We all got pretty close to each other in that college theater department at the Penn State campus outside Erie, Pennsylvania. So close, the director left…

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3 comments on “On Stamp Collections and Sentiment ~ essay by Bill Pearse

  1. Ilona Elliott
    June 10, 2018

    Excellent Essay! There is a redemptive quality about it, in the realization that we can be different people at different times in our lives. I like that.

    • Kevin Brennan
      June 10, 2018

      Yes, that redemptive feel is typical of Bill. He always seems to take the reader on a winding journey that ends in a good place.

      • Ilona Elliott
        June 10, 2018

        Yes, he is always an enjoyable read.

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