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Global warning

Eternity Began Tomorrow, launching as an ebook next Wednesday, is about many things—politics, online journalism, family relationships, identity—but the umbrella theme is climate change.

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about climate change over the past year, as I wrote this book, but not just because of the book. It strikes me as the second truly existential problem for humankind (the first being nuclear weapons), and, as with nuclear weapons, we seem to have an almost mass-suicidal view of it. As a species.

Seriously. What the hell is wrong with us?

The charismatic, messianic climate-change warrior in EBT, John Truthing, understands the urgency of the situation, but he’s had to go to extraordinary lengths to attract attention to it, and he might have broken the law here and there. But he’s also learned from Donald Trump that you need to be an exaggeration to build a movement. You need to be huge but also lighter than air (like that giant Trump baby), because Americans have attention deficit disorder to the max, and where climate change might catch their eye one day, the premier of Dancin’ With the Stars will get ‘em the next.

Yet, if we and the rest of the world don’t get crackin’ on a reversal of our carbon use we can expect a downward spiral of living conditions on this green earth. It won’t be pretty.

So while much of this new book is upbeat and humorous, sometimes even tongue-in-cheek, it definitely tries to ram home the seriousness of our global crisis. There’s darkness on the horizon, and Blazes Bolan gets touched by it, just like the rest of us will, in time.

Still. There’s plenty of comic relief in the book. Don’t worry. It’s a Kevin Brennan joint, after all, and I can never resist a good gag.

Cover reveal on Monday, and you’ll be able to buy the ebook for $2.99 on Wednesday.

By the way, this piece from The Disappointed Housewife ties nicely into the climate-change theme too: “Letter From Your Pissed Descendant in 2133.”

[Photo by https://pixabay.com/users/geralt-9301 via Pixabay.]

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