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The Difficulty of Indie Publishing

Here’s friend-of-the-blog Mark Paxson’s take on the life of the indie fiction writer. Plus he says nice things about me!

And here’s the link to Eternity Began Tomorrow for anyone who feels moved by Mark’s piece to buy a copy! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XM4Y3BJ

KingMidget's Ramblings

One of the best indie writers out there is Kevin Brennan. He writes literary fiction. Stories not quite like any other. I mean, who comes up with a story about a small town in the 1800s occupied entirely by women, who band together and “hire” a man to come out west to help continue the town’s population? Or a road trip tale about an old-style arcade game?

What both Kevin and I have discovered is that indie writers who write literary fiction have a rough row to hoe. Better to write romance or legal thrillers or some other genre where readers have some comfort in the formula of that genre.

That’s the thing about indie writing and publishing though. A lot of what I read from indie authors doesn’t necessarily fit into a particular genre and even when it does, there’s a difference. And that’s what is so good about…

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