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For you, my loyal What The Hellers

Anticipating a price promo next week on Bargain Booksy, I’ve kneecapped the price of Eternity Began Tomorrow to 99 cents. You knew it had to happen.

This is a pre-promo announcement for readers of What The Hell. Now you can get in there and buy this timely climate-change thriller for under a buck. Let’s say you’ve been anxiously waiting for this day to come. Well, it’s finally here!

How ’bout a little teaser. One of my favorite lines in the book:

I don’t think he knew that his belly was peeking out the bottom of his too-tight shirt because he insisted on wearing his pants below the bulge. It was a sliver of skin so white it made all milk look like chocolate milk.


I know you’re going to love this book. It’s so happening that it’s happening right now–there are scenes taking place in December 2019, with election season 2020 right around the corner. And the protagonist’s name is Blazes Bolan. I mean, come on.

Tune in and see what’s going on right now. For 99 cents.

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