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A new nonfiction project comin’ down the pike!

Coming soon, my new nonfiction project, Close to Perfect: How to Write and Publish Your Novel.

Here’s the gist:

Thank goodness novelist Kevin Brennan (Parts Unknown, Yesterday Road, Eternity Began Tomorrow) was able to make a transcript of this 2019 literary podcast before it was lost to his slapdash backup routine. Otherwise we wouldn’t have such an informative and wide-ranging conversation among three writer/editors who sat down one day to talk turkey about writing and publishing fiction in the new century.

Along with Karen Choi and Dan DeLonge (pseudonyms), Brennan gets into the nitty gritty of novel writing—everything from where ideas come from to the agony of marketing. The three engage in a frank but always entertaining chat, guiding both experienced and new fiction writers through the process of bringing a product of the imagination to life and delivering it to the public.

Writers are creating and publishing more novels than ever before, but whether they go through the traditional system of agents, editors, and the Big 5 publishers or opt for the DIY world of indie, this little book can help them through the labyrinth.

As an aspiring writer, you don’t have to go it alone in the 21st century. Eavesdrop on Karen Choi, Dan DeLonge, and Kevin Brennan as they dive into everything you need to know to make your novel Close to Perfect.

If I ever attempt to do another podcast, you can bet that I’ll make sure I save the dang thing the instant I turn off the recorder. And I’m not inclined to do another one during California fire season either.

At least readers of this novella-length book will benefit from the wisdom of three people with plenty of experience (and battle scars) in this business we all love to hate. It’s not so much a book full of advice as is it full of commiseration. Like the Rolling Stones said, “We all need someone we can lean on …”

Close to Perfect will run you just 99 cents. Look for it the week of March 2!

6 comments on “A new nonfiction project comin’ down the pike!

  1. islandeditions
    February 20, 2020

    Love this idea of yours, Kevin! Of course, i will promote for you once the eBook becomes available.

    • Kevin Brennan
      February 20, 2020

      Thanks, Susan! It’s been fun putting this one together. Maybe it’s a good marketing tool for my other stuff too … 😉

  2. Marie A Bailey
    February 21, 2020

    Sounds like a cool book (and the subject of publishing is forever timely). At the risk of sounding out-of-touch, did you really have a podcast at some point? If you did, how did I miss that???? If you didn’t, then silly me for asking 😉

    • Kevin Brennan
      February 21, 2020

      No, you didn’t miss anything. 😉 I think I prefer podcast transcripts to actual podcasts anyway!

      • Marie A Bailey
        February 22, 2020

        Good to know. I feel so “out of the loop” these days 😉

      • Kevin Brennan
        February 22, 2020

        All the koolest kidz are out of the loop! 😎

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