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The holdable EBT: it’s paperback launch day!

Hey, it’s official. You can now buy Eternity Began Tomorrow, my speculative climate-change alternative history political thriller, in paperback. And get this: I got soft and wound up pricing it at just $6.99.

Some people prefer physical editions over ebooks, and I can understand that. That’s why in the last year or two I’ve made all my novels available in paperback. And to commemorate the new edition of EBT, I’ve lowered the prices of all my paperback titles. Check this out:

Fascination ~ $7.77

Town Father ~ $6.21

Occasional Soulmates ~ $6.99

Yesterday Road ~ $7.99

No, I’m not making any money at these prices, but maybe I can entice some of my loyal fans to pick up extra copies as gifts or library donations. Maybe you already have the ebooks but you’ve got some gaps in your bookshelves that these might fill nicely.

Summer reading season is here. You know what to do …

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