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Fun summertime reading for fans of summertime reading

A little reminder to you lovers of fine fiction, poetry, and essays, that The Disappointed Housewife is out there for your periodic lit-fix. We’ve had some interesting morsels lately:

Most recently, a story by Janet Barrows about how chimpanzees apparently discovered religion long before humans. They had it all figured out except for one key ingredient, but you’ll have to read it to find out.

Kelsey Allen has written what we’ve called a “pandemic essay” touching on the internal realizations everyone is experiencing as the social distancing and isolation drag on. “Amidst the Chaos” shows how our character is affected, or not, by the extraordinary.

If you like math, and you like limericks, you’ll love Marion Deutsche Cohen’s “A Factor of Minus-One.”

“The Apparitions” is an affecting story in which Kirsty McGrory weaves quotes from Rilke, Shakespeare, and the Bible into an unsettling catharsis.

The man in Michael T. Smith’s poem, “Success Man,” strikes me as strangely familiar.

And you’ll certainly enjoy the visual haiku, or “vaiku,” by Frederick Highland called “I’ll Mend.” It too feels like it touches on the emotional complexity of the pandemic era.

And finally, don’t forget that my own Eternity Began Tomorrow is now available in paperback for $6.99. No one has purchased a copy yet, so they’re piling up in the stockroom. Nyuk nyuk.

One comment on “Fun summertime reading for fans of summertime reading

  1. TamrahJo
    June 22, 2020

    Paperback is doable for me and I’ll head on over and purchase at a price I can afford – :). thanks for letting me know it’s available in paperback now! 🙂

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