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2020 ~ the movie poster

A while back I mentioned that I’ve been working on a political journal for 2020, the year that just. won’t. stop.

The thing weighs in right now at more than 95,000 words, and we still have three weeks to go. Then comes January 2021, already fraught with potential horrors. My plan is to have less frequent entries in January, culminating with Inauguration Day, which will be as good a finale as any. A happy ending.

Above is the cover I’ve designed for the ebook, and this time I think I’ll offer it exclusively as an ebook rather than put out a paperback version. Who wants to pay ten bucks or more for a depressing litany of all the rotten things that 2020 dished out? A cheap ebook is at least justifiable as a reference—if you’re ever in the mood to dip in to see what happened on such and such a day in 2020.

The way I see it, this book is more of a record than a front-to-back reading experience (unless you’re a glutton for punishment). It’s something you might want to skip through, or skim a week here a week there till a storyline catches you.

A lot has happened. We’ve already forgotten a lot of it. But it’s important that we not forget, because to forget is to expose ourselves to the possibility that this kind of bullshit could happen again.

Obviously I’m not talking about the virus.

Yesterday’s entry (Sunday) mentions that Rudy Giuliani has covid, and I caution myself not to gloat too much.

The entry ends with “Merry Effing Christmas.”

You’ll see in the cover that I’ve included a warning: “This book contains political opinions.”

I thought it was only fair to let readers know that I do let my flamin’-liberal freak flag fly proudly in this thing, so if you’re a MAGA cultist or you always answer Black Lives Matter with Blue Lives Matter, you’ll want to bump your hypertension meds before diving in.

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