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Gloomy Sunday …

Wow, are these dark times or what? It doesn’t help that I’m only a third of the way through an all-day rain storm, on a Sunday a couple of weeks before 2020’s cheerless Christmas. The weather page says Expect rain to continue for the next several hours. It’s a metaphor.

There’s every reason to believe that Donald Trump will push his challenge of the election results all the way to the January 6 congressional session, when senators and representatives will count the electoral college votes: Biden 306, Trump 232. But if one senator and one representative “object” to the count, both houses will have to conduct a vote on whether to accept the apparent results. It’s pretty clear that this will happen. One Republican representative is already piping up, and I can imagine a sycophant like Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz taking on the craven mantle in the Senate.

Trump won’t prevail, but he’ll inflict one last insulting wound on our body politic.

And then he’ll hold a shadow inauguration on January 20th, I’ve heard.

My whole life I’ve been an inappropriately optimistic guy. That’s let me try things I had no real business trying. It’s given me enough perseverance to keep writing into my early sixties. It’s helped me to cut people a lot of slack so they might be able to redeem themselves. It’s given me time to redeem myself here and there.

But now I see that the arc of history doesn’t bend toward justice; it’s more like random arrows crisscrossing and striking unfortunate targets willy nilly. We’re naive to think that society can only move forward where civil rights and tolerance are concerned. More than ever, we can see that backlashes are not only possible but likely. A powerful minority can call the shots for much longer than justice would allow. Money talks. Empathy walks.

Dark times. People are dying of covid at a clip of 3000 each day here in the greatest country on earth. Folks on my local NextDoor board are invoking the Constitution as the reason they’re not going to obey the statewide stay-at-home order. They say they know plenty of people who got covid and they were just fine in three or four days. They’re incapable of putting themselves in anyone’s shoes but their own.

And what I’m afraid of is that our dark days will continue as long as there are millions of people like them, who would rather risk hundreds of thousands dying than skip that meal at the local Bob Evans.

We’re all in this together, and that’s pretty much the whole problem.

[Photo by Raychel Sanner on Unsplash.]

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