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The long way home

As the infamous Trump regime comes to a close—and we have yet to see what horrible surprises are in store between now and Wednesday—I’m putting the finishing touches on my journal of the last year: Infamy: A Journal of Our Darkest Year.

Let me tell you: This has not been an easy journey. There were many days I wanted to pretend that nothing was horrendous enough to write about, but I think I wound up recording something for every day from February 21, 2020, through … today. I’m aiming for January 21st to be the last entry so I can put the events of inauguration day to bed. With any luck, it’ll go off without any mayhem. 

Yet, as we’ve learned, this isn’t something we can count on anymore. Between covid and Trump, and, hell, many of our own neighbors’ belligerence, it’s become clear that the new normal is chaos. Everyone is entitled to a personal view of reality. There need be no proof of anything that one believes. And more and more it’s obvious that people believe certain things so that they can belong to certain groups, or klans, if you prefer. That Q on your shirt comes with a free serving of psycho dogma, so even if you’re not entirely sure about Democrats drinking kids’ blood, you wind up adopting it as your own truth. 

We saw on January 6th how serious this all is. My fear is that it’s not going to subside for a long time and that damaging changes to our society are going to become normalized and possibly even permanent. Ultra-high security for government buildings. Sudden flare-ups of violence when people of different beliefs clash in public. Or guerrilla actions meant to destabilize order so someone can take advantage of the vacuum. It could get ugly. 

Or maybe—I suppose it’s within the realm of possibility—Joe Biden will govern in such a way as to defuse some of the rage, to help people see that order is better than chaos. It’s hard to imagine that he’ll do anything especially offensive, other than putting smart policies into place that are based on science, reason, practical goals, and the best outcomes for working people. Maybe the MAGA crowd will settle down. 

A man can hope. 

Whatever happens next week, let’s start coaxing the better angels of our nature to come back home. They’re sorely missed. 

4 comments on “The long way home

  1. Pamela Beckford
    January 16, 2021

    I want to read it.

  2. Marie A Bailey
    January 17, 2021

    Fingers crossed that at least some of the MAGA crowd will calm down and even grudgingly give Biden a chance.
    There are those who want only chaos and mayhem. The Proud Boys, for example. They live to disrupt, but I suspect the FBI know who they are :).

  3. Ilona Elliott
    January 19, 2021


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