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Won’t you … help a needy writer … like me?


Last week I released Infamy—A Journal of Our Darkest Year 2020. 

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, please scoot yourself over to Amazon and download it today, for the fairly reasonable price of $2.99. 

And since the book’s in KDP’s 70% royalty category, I get two full bucks on the sale! 

Now, I know most people aren’t quite ready to go over the grim details of “our darkest year” yet, but you can always buy the book now and read it later. Or never read it at all. Just know that you’ve helped a struggling writer put some Top Ramen on his table, and you’ve encouraged him to keep doing what he’s doing. 

With this book, you not only get daily updates on the shit show that was 2020, you also get pithy asides like: 

Why do generals wear camo fatigues when they’re stateside? Offices and city streets don’t resemble desert terrain or jungles. In fact, you’re not really camouflaged at all when you wear this getup anywhere but desert terrain or jungles. What happened to to crisp suit jackets with epaulets and medals? [December 20, 2020]

There’s plenty more where that came from. 

So get your copy of Infamy today, and buy me a cheap lunch in the process. 


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