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INFAMY on sale for 99 ¢ents


Kids, I’ve gone ahead and done the inevitable. I’ve reduced the price of Infamy: A Journal of Our Darkest Year 2020 to 99 cents. 

I’m hoping that this enticing offer will move a few more copies of the book, which languishes in obscurity at the moment. I’ve entered it in the “2021 Best of the Obscure” contest, but the competition is fierce, and the grand prize is just a t-shirt that says “Obscure Is Sexy.” 

I’m kidding about all that. There is no “2021 Best of the Obscure” contest. 

Anyway. If you haven’t already overpaid for this account of how 2020 evolved and played out, drop me a dollar via Amazon and start reliving the magic right now. 

Here’s what happened one year ago today, to prime your reading pump:

Monday, March 9, 2020

Thanks to an overnight crash in oil prices, caused by worldwide ripples from the pandemic (they’re calling it a pandemic now), the market opened more than 2000 points lower this morning. It’s hovering at 1500 down now, at 8:30. 

I believe that the reaction isn’t entirely due to the virus, or to oil prices, or to a flattened tourism industry. I believe that, at least in part, big investors are getting nervous because the government is lying about the whole thing. The CDC’s coronavirus website hasn’t been updated in days. The Surgeon General came out and lied on the Sunday shows. Ben Carson lied. Mike Pence lied. Donald Trump, obviously, lies every time he speaks. People are turning to their state and local leaders for honest guidance. 

This is an extraordinary period in this country. Of course, we’ve been lied to before by our government: Vietnam comes to mind; Iraq; Afghanistan. But when it comes to public health, which affects many more people than foreign wars, we’ve generally been able to trust what comes out of the CDC and HHS, because it stands to reason: You can’t lie your way around diseases. They do what they do. People notice when everyone around them is getting sick. 

The only bright side is that someone at the recent CPAC meeting tested positive and was said to have shaken hands with Ted Cruz, at least, who is self-quarantining right now. We can only imagine how many others he shook hands with, and how many of those hands shook more hands, and that a certain bloviating pig might come down with the sniffles here pretty soon. 


One comment on “INFAMY on sale for 99 ¢ents

  1. islandeditions
    March 9, 2021

    Reblogged this on Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing and commented:
    I bought this eBook when Kevin first released it in Jan., and I have read it and thought about it ever since … I won’t lie. This is not an easy read – very difficult in parts to relive this past year, in fact … but it is definitely a very important book. Kevin Brennan is like the Daniel Defoe/ Samuel Pepys of our time, documenting day-by-day the shitshow of a year 2020 that just happened to all of us. But documenting those events on his own personal level and perspective. Like Defoe and Pepys, we get an Everyman account that, while being his own take on the daily news that most of us heard about at the time, is also a look at what Kevin and his wife did in order to keep themselves sane while all else appeared to be falling apart around them. Much as the rest of us were trying to do, to cope with a year like we’ve never known before and will, hopefully, never know again! Thanks, Keven for doing the tough work of remembering for all of us. Let’s hope we really do learn from history this time …

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