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Friends don’t let friends …

Last week, in Tulsa, President Biden chastised two Democratic senators “who vote more with my Republican friends.” Everybody knows he meant Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the two main holdouts against abolishing the filibuster. But what I bristle at in that statement is the phrase “my Republican friends.” 

Friends don’t let friends end democracy as we know it. 

For the past so-many years, I’ve always cringed when Democrats refer to their “Republican friends” or their “friends across the aisle.” Ever since Newt Gingrich, approximately, the GOP has not been acting like friendly partners in a grand project. Today, we see that they’ve been patiently and effectively consolidating power, and they perceive in the present political climate a “now or never” moment in which they can try to render their advantage permanent. It involves a great deal of lying, a great deal of disingenuousness, and a great deal of oath violating, but they’ve decided it’s worth it in order to become unbeatable.

So I’d like Democrats like Biden and Manchin and Sinema and Tester and Schumer and anyone who thinks they’re being amenable and bipartisan to stop calling the other side friends and start referring to them as what they are: enemies of democracy. 

They’re trying to destroy it, after all. That makes them enemies of democracy. 

They don’t hesitate to call Democrats socialists who hate America. We shouldn’t hesitate to call them enemies of democracy. 

And if it makes you feel any better, you can say goddamn enemies of democracy. 

Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the last few days: 

•  Maggie Haberman of the NYT is reporting that Donald Trump “expects to be reinstated” by August. On the heels of Michael Flynn’s murmurings about a Myanmar-style coup here in the U.S., it sounds like something is afoot. Whether it’s realistic or not—an erotic dream of the My Pillow Guy?—no one knows, but this is definitely scary stuff. 

•  Kansas Republicans are poised to redraw their congressional districts to eliminate the last remaining Democratic district. Only Republicans will represent Kansans in Washington, D.C., if that happens. 

•  Donald Trump’s blog has been removed from his official website due to lack of interest. Or possibly the inappropriate capitalization of random words caused the site to crash. 

•  Mike Pence gave a speech in which he said he and Trump will probably “never see eye to eye” on January 6th, yet he gave a full-throated hi-ho to the things he and Trump “accomplished.” He also said Democrats are using “one tragic day to discredit the aspirations of millions of Americans.” I’m not sure which Americans he’s talking about, but if their aspirations are to destroy democracy, then I’m with the Democrats. 

•  Trump is suspended from Facebook for two years. The timing of his “reinstatement,” 2023, isn’t great, but there’s a decent chance he won’t live to see that calendar page flip. If he does, maybe Zuckerberg will grow a pair and ban him till after Inauguration Day 2025. 

•  Apparently Trump phoned the Arizona Senate President to thank her for doing his evil bidding with the ongoing Maricopa County audit. Meanwhile, audit observers are reporting “malfunctions and security issues,” and it looks like the contractor, Cyber Ninjas, sent copies of election data to a company in Montana. I’m sure nothing nefarious is going on behind the scenes … That would be wrong.

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