Kevin Brennan Writes About What It's Like

June gloom

 • We all imagined it happened but now we know: Trump’s White House tried to put the screws to the Justice Department to overturn the election results in some states. Among the reasons was that the Italians had used satellites to hack into voting machines and change votes. 

• The governor of Texas wants to get going on a state-funded border wall. We mustn’t forget that he’s seeking a third term in 2022, so this ought to prime the pump for him purty good with the immigrant haters.  

• The Arizona voting data has been sent to a remote cabin in Montana. I kid you not. CNN has pics. If Democrats and “democratic” Republicans don’t immediately seek an injunction against this “audit,” we’re in for some airborne diarrhea, citizens. 

• So Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. I hope that gives your average MAGA type a nice big stroke. I’d like to see #GOPheadexplosions trending on Twitter.

• Mitch McConnell announced that he’s going to block any voting rights bill that comes down the pike. This after Joe Manchin publicized last week the measures that he would support. In other words, McConnell heard Manchin’s idea of a compromise and said, Nyet. Maybe this will help Joe see that the answer from that side of the aisle will always be nyet. McConnell is betting that Manchin doesn’t have the balls to get rid of the filibuster, and you know what? He’s probably right. 

• The gun-toting St. Louis couple who brandished weaponry at protesters last summer have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and will have to pay fines and surrender the guns they used. I’m sure they have a frickin’ arsenal in their house, so the loss of those guns won’t hurt ‘em none. But notably, the husband, Mark McCloskey, didn’t have to ‘fess to a felony, so he can go ahead and run for Senate in 2022. Missouri is so effed up that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he wins. 

• Singer Macy Gray said last week that the U.S. flag should be redesigned to represent all Americans. Naturally, the faux patriots of the GOP swarmed her like a cloud of murder hornets. Of course, they refer almost unanimously to the flag as “Old Glory,” spouting all the usual BS that culminates in “justice for all.” And that’s just MG’s point. There’s no such thing as justice for all here in the greatest nation that’s ever existed for all time forever. We need a new flag that at least aspires to the concept and represents the people as they are today. Not in 1812 or 1918 or even 2001. A lot has changed since “Old Glory” got that nick in the 19th century. 

Just to reiterate, I’m trying to limit these niblets to the theme of “democracy in peril,” but there are so many other heinous things going on that I need to mention them too. One might be the right’s objection to critical race theory, which is fast becoming a litmus test for conservatives. Another is this item that just came up: The entire Portland, Oregon, crowd control unit of the police department has resigned in protest over the indictment of one of their members for assaulting a journalist during a protest last year. In other words, they’re saying “Where we go one, we go all.” 

Which I hope you’ll all recognize as the QAnon motto. 

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