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This 💩 is getting depressing …

• I’ll say it again and again: Believe people when they tell you who they are. Tucker Carlson is telling us that he’s autocracy-curious by doing his show from Hungary, where Viktor Orbán (whom Carlson interviewed in fawning fashion) has successfully installed himself as that country’s dictator. How’d he do it? Well, in 2010 his party somehow got a two-thirds majority in Parliament on just 52.73% of the popular vote, so they wrote a new constitution that the opposition couldn’t block. And just last year, Parliament voted to let him rule by decree on the basis of an open-ended emergency declaration. So that’s how it’s done, and that’s what Tucker Carlson seems to want for the good ol’ U.S. of A, with Trump in Orbán’s comfy seat. And it could happen, if the midterms go badly for Dems. Sit tight.

• The family of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol policeman while attempting to climb through a broken window leading to the floor of the House, is filing a $10 million wrongful death suit against the Cap. Police. They say she was “ambushed.” As usual on that side of the political divide, words literally have no meaning. I thought I knew what ambushed meant, but apparently it means being lured through a broken window while shouting “Hang Mike Pence.”

• Only a couple of days to wait till Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, will reveal the incontrovertible evidence that the 2020 election was flipped in every state by China. On August 12-13, his live-streamed symposium will lay out the facts. If it goes anything like his CNN interview last Thursday (he was made into mincemeat), he’ll be the laughingstock of 55% of Americans. The fact that it’s not more like 90% of Americans is the great tragedy of our times.

• It’s a particularly fascist tack to blame the covid surge on undocumented immigrants. You saw how brazenly Ron DeSantis went there in slapping back at Joe Biden last week. The reason is, as in Viktor Orbán’s Hungary, people can be easily whipped up against immigrants. Logic and reason play no role. Substitute the word “Jews” for “immigrants” and you get the gist of the message. A piece in Politico outlines the obvious strategy for ’22.

• Former acting AG, Jeffrey Rosen, on his own volition, has decided to sing before anybody can legally try to stop him (that would be Trump). He met for four hours with DOJ Inspector General investigators, then paid the Senate Judiciary Committee a seven-hour visit. Could go a long way toward getting some kind of criminal case off its feet in terms of Trump’s efforts to get the election results overturned, though I’m certainly no optimist.

• And since these upside-down flag pieces of mine are all about the erosion of democracy, let me tell you that it appears that California is getting ready to put on one genuine clusterf*#k of a gubernatorial recall election. Gavin Newsom seems to be in trouble, if polls are to be believed. And at the moment, the leading candidate to take the mansion away from him (though Newsom doesn’t live there) is a Trump-loving Black conservative radio host named Larry Elder. He doesn’t believe in the minimum wage. If he gets the job, because of the large number of candidates he’ll do it with a small percentage of the electorate. Democracy will have taken quite a hit if that happens.

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