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• Oh boy. Get ready for some “replacement theory” backlash. A piece in the Post says that the 2020 census will show that all U.S. population growth is due to people of color. In other words, the white population is shrinking. In other other words, the worst nightmare of “white supremists” (as people seem to pronounce it these days) is actually true: They’re being replaced by the caramel horde. The white population has dropped for the first time since 1790! What scares me is what I’ve been saying for a long time now. The old crackers are not going to go gently into that good night. On somebody’s drawing board right now (Steve Bannon’s?) are plans to secure permanent GQP power and install an apartheid regime, and they know they stand a pretty good chance of succeeding.

• Andrew Cuomo has been forced to resign as governor of New York, yet pussy grabber, Donald Trump, remains leader of the Republican Party and presumed 2024 presidential nominee.

• Seems kind of an interesting irony that the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court has ruled that absentee Democratic legislators can be arrested and brought to the state capitol so that a quorum may be reached in the latest special session, where the Republicans will push through antidemocratic voter suppression laws. Two branches of government run by one party are ganging up on the opposition. Let’s review again how Hungary became a one-party-rule autocracy …

• So the MyPillow guy’s “cyber symposium” was supposed to kick off the other day, commencing its 72-hour livestream, but it was suddenly delayed when Mike Lindell claimed that the website had been hacked. No details were given. Perhaps the best way to prove that China hacked the 2020 election is to say that China hacked the event that would prove China hacked the 2020 election. I guess we’ll never know the truth.

An organization called Protect Democracy is advocating six essential ideas for inclusion in any voting rights legislation that Joe Manchin will deign to support in the near future: 1) a paper ballot requirement; 2) chain-of-custody protections for ballots; 3) judicial review of the vote-counting process; 4) prevention of partisan actors from taking over election administration; 5) protection of election workers; and 6) stricter penalties for election manipulation and subversion. Clearly these are great ideas, but Joe has to face that fact that ten Republican senators will never be found to support them.

• And finally, back to Texas, where Democrats are stalling the special session despite the freshly inked arrest warrants. A good old-fashioned filibuster was launched by one Democratic senator (the kind where you stand there and talk and talk and talk), while another legislator filed for a writ of habeas corpus vis-à-vis being arrested and dragged to the statehouse. A judge scheduled a hearing, thus postponing action on the voter suppression bills. Still, the Texas GQP is like the Taliban. We all know what the end result is going to be. (And, in fact, the moment Carol Alvarado ended her 15-hour speech, the Senate passed one of the restrictive bills 18-11.)

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