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The war is over–why are we so sad?

Probably a lot of people are noticing the irony in Ron DeSantis eschewing the free covid vaccine in favor of an expensive designer drug, Regeneron monoclonal antibodies. Rather than preventing the disease, he thinks treating already-infected folks, of which there are plenty in Florida, with the same stuff Trump received when he was sick with covid is the only way to fly. For those who might wonder about such things, Regeneron’s stock chart looks pretty good right now. I imagine DeSantis had his accountant look into grabbing a few shares before he made his public statement.

Ron Paul’s wife (yeah right) made the same dick move last year when she purchased shares of Gilead Sciences in late February, just as the pandemic was gaining steam. Gilead makes remdesivir, an antiviral drug that was approved early on to treat covid patients. The real epidemic in this country is greed and corruption.

In case you didn’t notice, Donald Trump was not reinstated as president on August 13th. The MyPillow guy had assured us it would happen, that both Biden and Harris would resign on seeing the incontrovertible evidence that China had hacked the election. Also that the Supreme Court would determine that Trump remains the “true” president, and that MAGA Nirvana would ensue. Nah. The evidence did not emerge. Mike Lindell is a laughingstock. Trump lost, lol.

In 2001, we thought we could rout out Al Qaeda and bring democracy to Afghanistan. Can we just say now, that any time our government comes to us with a “we can’t lose” proposition that involves sending the military into a third-world country so KFC and Chipotle can pitch their flags there we JUST SAY NO? Our grand experiment has gone down in flames, and the trillions of dollars spent might as well have been literally torched. Imperialism no longer flies, and the real tragedy in Afghanistan is just getting started.

And on that topic, it’s certainly not taking long for Republicans to pile on in attacking Biden for the handling of the U.S. pullout from Kabul. They dared not criticize Trump for starting the ball rolling, though some had to be secretly relieved when he was talked out of leaving abruptly. Their plan worked perfectly. “Let’s let the next Democratic president take the hit.” Biden’s approval rating is going to tank for a while, and it could affect the midterms next year.

Apparently Lindsey Graham was sanctioned by the SC GOP because he voted for the infrastructure bill. You’d think all his ass-kissing of Donald Trump would have bought him a little leeway, but no. It’s all or nothing with the GQP. To make matters worse, word has it that he tried to apologize to Biden for a lot of the things he had to say in the heat of campaign battle, but Biden refused to accept it and told him to stop being such a fake. I sure hope this story is true.

Of course on the right they’re talking about impeaching Biden NOW or invoking the 25th amendment. I for one don’t want to hear from any Republican who voted against certifying the election results, who lined up behind Trump as he “negotiated” this sucky withdrawal from Afghanistan, who talks about our “freedoms” when we’re trying to defeat a pandemic, or who thinks his job is to “stop this president.” They’re all domestic terrorists worse than the Taliban.

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