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McCarthy’s bark

Item: Kevin McCarthy is threatening telecom companies with vague but harsh consequences should they comply with congressional demands for information regarding those GOP legislators I mentioned last week. He says “the [expected] Republican majority will not forget” if they turn over the deets. When did the GQP become so fucking mobby? Maybe Trump put Kev up to this one …

Item: Sen. Ron Johnson told a hidden-camera-toting Democratic activist that there was nothing fishy about Trump’s election loss in Wisconsin. He pointed out that other Republican candidates won their races with higher vote totals than Trump, so he lost because those voters didn’t vote for him. ‘Nuff said. See what these guys will admit to when they don’t know they’re being recorded? And sure enough, Johnson walked it all back when “clarifying his remarks” for the Washingon Post. Filthy filthy man.

Item: The Supreme Court, as one might expect, failed to block the new Texas antiabortion law, which bans all abortions (or very nearly all) after six weeks. The really diabolical thing about this law is that no state entity enforces it, so it can’t be challenged in court (e.g., Smith v. Harris County Health Department). You’d think the justices would have wanted to chime in on the constitutionality of a provision like that. At least Chief Justice John Roberts saw some warning signs and sided with the three liberals on the court. For now, Roe v. Wade is dead in the Lone Star State.

Item: A federal bankruptcy judge has granted the Sackler family sweeping immunity to legal consequences in the OxyContin case. Of course he did. We all knew it would turn out this way. In order to get a few billion dollars out of the family in retribution for their seriously bad acts, the court is willing to shield them from further liability. They’ll retain billions in ill-gotten gains. That’s ‘Murca for you!

Item: Seems like more and more MAGA-friendly and QAnon-adjacent Republicans are sending not-too-subtle signals to the base that the time for taking up arms against the guvment is imminent. Most notably, Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina said ominously that “if our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen then it’s going to lead to one place and that’s bloodshed.” He fails to acknowledge that the election systems have not been rigged or stolen, so he’s basically inciting rebellion. He also said that plans were being worked on to confront Washington again on these nonexistent matters, and his audience of inflamed MAGA warriors ate it up, chomping at the bit to start the inevitable civil war.

I don’t see a way out of this chute to Hell as long as GQP leaders keep lying to their followers and Fox News keeps disseminating false narratives of election fraud and Democratic evil. Neither of those seem to be fading in the short-term.

6 comments on “McCarthy’s bark

  1. justdrivewillyou
    September 5, 2021

    Unfortunately not.

  2. House of Heart
    September 5, 2021

    SCOTUS has failed it’s responsibility. It is time to add more judges to the Supreme Court and to abolish the filibuster. What’s happened in Texas is a travesty.

    • Kevin Brennan
      September 5, 2021

      Agree. I just read an editorial last week that said Republicans understand power and Democrats don’t. We all know what the R’s would do under these circumstances: expand the court. Because they can. Dems are timid and don’t want to ruffle feathers, but jeez, man, it’s now or never!

      • House of Heart
        September 6, 2021

        The GOP is no longer. Trumpism has corrupted many branches of our government including now the Supreme Court. The Dems are going to need to to get down in the dirt to save America from fascism because Republicans are in it for greed and power, they don’t care about the country. To allow to state to place a bounty on the heads of citizens to tempt them to turn on fellow Americans for a fee is beyond despicable. Men will suffer as well as women and we know men don’t like to suffer.

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