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Yes, my bud, the excellent writer Alex Vorkov, has a new novel out, just in time for Halloween. Appropriately, it’s titled The 31st of October, and it is—I can testify—chilling.

Since Alex graciously invited me to edit the book, I’m unable to review it (due to my stringent professional ethics), but that doesn’t mean I can’t let other people know about it. Well, it’s fresh to market this week, and you can now pick up the paperback for $13.99 or the Kindle version for $3.99. A Barnes & Noble edition is due out soon.

Here’s the ‘scrip via Vorkov himself:

On Halloween Night, 1995, the town of Peakmoor NY vanished without a trace. Pray no one ever finds it …


Reeling from a family tragedy and tormented by nightmares, 19-year-old Maraika Roycedale drops out of college and moves into her great aunt’s Gothic mansion that overlooks a crumbling town. When Peakmoor’s locals greet her with hostility, she assumes, at first, they simply don’t like outsiders.

But as her nightmares morph into waking visions, she begins to hear stories of witchcraft and the occult. Secrets about Peakmoor’s violent history. About the old mansion on the hill.

About her family.

After discovering how much of her life has been a lie, and no longer sure who to trust, Maraika plans to escape Peakmoor for good. But someone, some thing, doesn’t want her to leave. She soon realizes she’s there for a reason, and on Halloween Night, she’ll finally understand the terrifying truth her visions were warning her about.

Since I’ve read the book and have experienced every gruesome thrill it has to offer, I can tell you that this blurb is definitely “lite” compared to the real deal. If you like horror, and even better, if you like strong, pithy female protagonists, you’re going to eat this thing up.

While you’re at it, have a look at Vorkov’s other titles for similar literary rides. I’ve featured them at What the Hell here, here, and here.

Horror novels aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but AV is such a great writer that I guarantee you’ll be hooked from the get-go and your knuckles will be white for the duration.

Read The 31st of October ASAP. Or just buy it now and save it for Halloween Night …


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  1. avorkov
    September 7, 2021

    Thank you kindly, sir!

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