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KevinBrennan · Why Can’t We Fall In Love Again?

It’s been a tough summer for creative pursuits, but last week I had a few extra hours to put the finishing touches on this little number. It’s an R&B-flavored tune about a relationship that’s already derailed but the poor dude still holds out faint hope that it can be rekindled.

Why can’t we make it how it used to be?
The huggin’ and the kissin’ and the XYZ.
Why can’t we turn back the clock
And fall in love again?

We’ve all been there, eh?

I try my hand at a little bit of rapping in this one too, by the way. One sample:

I knew we were headed for all-out war
When I found your wedding ring in the soy sauce drawer.

I dialed some random numbers on your 5G iPhone,
And several guys answered with a long, low moan.

It’s pretty old-skool, but that’s me, I guess.

Remember, I’m no singer but the song has words so I sung ‘em!

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