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I’ve had just Abbott enough …

I took a little break from obsessively following the anti-democratic news so you don’t have to, mostly thanks to our local conflagration and a few distracting side-events. I’m afraid of falling too far behind, though, so here we go again.

Item: The Democratic agenda under Joe Biden is at risk of collapsing. Not because of Republican obstruction, since that’s a given, but because of infighting inside the party. Joe Manchin decrees that the reconciliation infrastructure bill must be paused, hence it shall be paused. He and other “moderate” Democratic senators will not sign on to a $3.5 trillion package (though it’s paid for by new taxes on the wealthy), so the bottom line shall be cut to less than half that. Why is it that Republicans are always able to march in lockstep while the Dems splinter into a hundred jagged pieces?

Item: Kind of positive news, though I’m sure it’s short-lived. A Texas website designed for people to provide anonymous tips about women getting newly illegal abortions can’t find a hosting platform. GoDaddy dropped them like a pair of cold forceps for violating the terms of service. Another hosting company followed suit because you can’t publish private details about a third party (i.e., the woman seeking an abortion or anyone who helps her). Maybe this will last long enough for some lawsuits to come along challenging the law itself.

Item: Guv. Greg Abbott of Tejas has signed the voter restriction bill that will make it harder for people to vote in that state. Especially people of color. In a perfect world this law won’t survive the coming litigation. But, as we all know, this ain’t a perfect world.

Item: The same Greg Abbott declared too that Texas is going to eliminate all rapists, so the issue of women having to bear the children of their rapists is moot. I wonder why he’s waited till now to eliminate all the rapists. Should have been done on Day 1, you’d think.

Item: I see Lindsey Graham says we’ll be going back into Afghanistan one day. That blood-thirsty son of a bitch.

Item: It looks like the last bastion against rampant authoritarianism is going to be the courts. Another Florida judge has slapped down Guv. DeSantis vis-à-vis his ban on mask mandates.

Item: I see that GQP hopeful in the California recall election, Larry Elder, has said in the past that it was the slaveholders who should have received reparations after the Civil War, not Black folks. I suppose he thinks we should have also written checks to Eichmann, Göring, Bormann, Speer, und Hess.

2 comments on “I’ve had just Abbott enough …

  1. justdrivewillyou
    September 10, 2021

    Truly, this is the party of idiots. Are we sure Manchin isn’t really Republican?

    • Kevin Brennan
      September 10, 2021

      You gotta wonder. Or is he just a tool of his corporate donors? Problem is, you get the feeling he’d jump ship to the GQP if his ass doesn’t get kissed enough.

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