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Make it stop?

Item: The nominee for head of the ATF is being withdrawn because there’s been bipartisan pushback on account of his support for gun control. Since Joe Manchin is among those pushing back, Biden’s tucking his tail between his legs and scooting. ATF, by the way, stands for Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Item: It’s encouraging that AG Merrick Garland has sued the state of Texas with the goal of having the new anti-abortion law there deemed unconstitutional. My only fear is that when the case lands inevitably on the Supreme Court docket, the five arch-conservatives will roll up their robe sleeves and declare Roe v. Wade defunct. I just praised the courts the other for standing up to the fascist bullshit being flung all over the place nowadays, but this Supreme Court is all-in with the plutocratic oligarchy. It will, I predict, uphold the Texas law, and that’s the day things will change big time in this country.

Item: It’s already happening. The GOP and Larry Elder are spreading the word that if Gavin Newsom wins the California recall election tomorrow, it’s because he cheated. Get used to this. It’s going to happen in every election for the foreseeable future when Republicans lose. Because over the long term it will so undermine voter confidence in our elections that “solutions” are required to reform the system. Not gonna be pretty.

Item: Some GQP governors are threatening to sue the federal government over Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates. The Post article I read about it highlights Supreme Court precedents that support vaccination mandates (one dating back to 1905), but, as mentioned above, the odds are against the current SC upholding precedents the conservatives don’t like. To a man, and one woman, they all lied in their confirmation hearings about their respect for prior rulings of the court. In other words, it’s a new world, bitches.

Item: It’s 9/11 as I write this, and it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, our trajectory toward authoritarianism began on that day in 2001. The Patriot Act was enacted just six weeks after the terrorist attacks and included measures that must have been on the drawing board long before; it seems like 9/11 provided the justification to formalize them. Mass public spying commenced. Secrecy. Torture. Lying. Just one legislator voted against going to war (California’s Barbara Lee). You’re with us or with the terrorists. Yeah, I see a lot of our current problems beginning that day …

3 comments on “Make it stop?

  1. Marie A Bailey
    September 13, 2021

    It’s so hard to be optimistic with all this political crap going on. Really hoping the recall fails and fails massively.

    • Kevin Brennan
      September 13, 2021

      Fingers crossed. But the MAGA bitchin’s gonna be loud and obnoxious when Gavin wins. Heh heh.

      • Marie A Bailey
        September 15, 2021

        They can yell and scream all they want. They are so pathetic.

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