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Item: Amy Coney Barrett, R-Antiabortion on the Supreme Court, caused quite a stir by claiming, in the presence of Mitch McConnell at a Kentucky event, that the court is not partisan. Don’t mistake judicial philosophy for partisanship, she said. Obviously, I call bullshit on that. Judicial philosophy would not produce Federalist Society—approved results 100% of the time. Partisanship would and does. As in baseball, all you have to do is look at the percentages.

Item: The MAGANs are converging on DC again tomorrow, this time to demand justice for the insurrectionists arrested for their January 6 crimes. In their minds, justice means letting these feral bastards walk. In their minds, it’s like we’ve locked up Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, and Dolly Madison for dissing the king, when in fact we nabbed a bunch of wannabe assassins before they could string up Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. We’ll see what happens, but it’s heartbreaking to have to erect that security fence around the Capitol twice in nine months.

Item: I know everyone has high hopes for the revised Freedom to Vote Act. It’s being stripped of a lot of its meat to make Joe Manchin happy, but I have terrible news for you. It won’t receive ten GOP votes in the Senate. Once again, its passage will depend on dumping the filibuster, and Manchin and Sinema won’t go for that. Voting rights will continue to erode. Sorry to burst your pretty balloon.

Item: Well, Gavin Newsom survived the MAGA-inspired recall election out here in California and did so by a sizable margin. It’s an encouraging development in the war against anti-democratic forces. Had Larry Elder, the conservative talk show host, prevailed, he’d have glided into office on a tiny minority of the popular vote, thanks to the way recalls work here. The whole thing was supremely disingenuous, spawned from Trumpian anger and resentment, and it wound up costing the taxpayers of California more than $275 million.

Item: The DOJ has already asked a federal judge to block the heinous Texas anti-abortion law that sets up a vigilante enforcement system against women and people who help them get abortions after six weeks. Yay.

Item: Insurrectionist senator, Josh Hawley (GQP—Missouri), vows to block all nominees to State and Defense Department positions until secretaries Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin resign over the handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Mr. Hawley fist-pumped the January 6 crowd, you’ll recall, and voted against certifying the election results. It won’t do any good, but I call on him to resign.

Item: Protesters gathered in front of Brett Kavanaugh’s house to raise a little hell about the Texas abortion case Kavanaugh signed off on. A few Democratic senators are denouncing the protests, saying there’s no call to invade a justice’s private life, but I disagree. Kavanaugh (and Barrett and Thomas and Gorsuch and Alito and Roberts sometimes) have waded into deep water with their recent judicial strategy of flipping off the Constitution and imposing their party’s will on the nation. You might encounter sharks when you leave the shallows. More formally, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


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