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We can be heroes

Item: A Pennsylvania Senate committee approved subpoenas to obtain the personal information of millions of voters in that state. The Republicans are still “looking into” the 2020 election results there. Now, we all know there was nothing wrong with the election in Pennsylvania, but this isn’t really about the 2020 election, is it? It’s about future elections, and it’s oh so wrong.

Item: State Superior Court judges in North Carolina have struck down the 2018 voter ID law there, stating the obvious: that it had been conceived to have a dampening effect on voters of color. The judges made the point that they weren’t accusing anyone of being a racist; they know y’all were just trying to keep likely Democrats from voting. But let’s face it. A bunch of non-racist Republican lawmakers cooked up a racist law.

Item: Word has it that, sometime in the next month or so, Mitch McConnell’s gonna see to it that the U.S. defaults on its debt obligations. There’s to be another government shutdown, and his hope is that the turmoil in the financial markets that follows will stick to the Democrats for the midterms. In the past, this game of chicken has always resulted in the debt limit being duly raised and order prevailing, but this time? Feels like anything can happen …

Item: Controversy continues to swirl around General Milley’s phone calls to his Chinese counterpart in an effort to ease China’s fear that madman Trump might launch a nuclear strike. I’m torn on it. I remember the summer of 2020, when Milley strode with the madman through Lafayette Square after the violent clearing of protesters. He let himself be used as a prop, raising concern that the military might support Trump in some unconstitutional post-election power grab. In other words, I can’t trust Milley’s motives—then or now. If only he had stood up to Trump over Lafayette Square, when courage was called for, the China crisis might have been avoidable.

Item: The so-called “Justice for J6” rally was a flop on Saturday, thank God. Or a hoax from the get-go. Who knows? All we really know is that we had to spend a lot of money to be ready for anything because a third of our people are insane anti-science Jesus freaks who think Donald Trump is the Second Coming and are willing to murder people to prove it.

Item: A Texas doctor has already violated the new abortion ban, knowing he will face the legal consequences but hoping he will help get the law overturned in court. That’s how civil disobedience works. Unlike the MAGA types complaining about the insurrectionists’ prison sentences, Dr. Braid is standing up and taking what comes like a man. And like a hero.

3 comments on “We can be heroes

  1. justdrivewillyou
    September 20, 2021

    Hooray for the North Carolina judges and the Texas doctor. Piss on the rest.

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