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It’s EReader News day for The Prospect

A lil’ reminder that The Prospect is on EReader News Today this morning, so if you haven’t picked up your 99-cent copy yet, now is the time! We’re shooting for some presence on the Amazon charts today.

Also, if you’re able, some word-of-mouth via social media would help enormously, so please push the book’s link wherever you can. Retweet my tweets when you see them, which will probably be frequently.

Much appreciated, everyone, and to help grease the skids, here’s another small excerpt:

We hugged. With the sounds of BP hits crackling in the air, I saw that she still had tears in her eyes. She dropped her gear bag and really put herself into the embrace, and it felt so good, so fulfilling, that I almost thought that this was the moment my whole career had been all about.

“It’s okay, Bud. It’s okay,” she said, and I realized I was weeping into her hair.

“Go. Get her done, dude. A fucking star is born. Right here.”

Many thanks to Marie Bailey for this early review on her blog. Among other things, she talks about the several dimensions of this book beyond baseball.

Don’t forget, the launch price of 99 cents is temporary. When the buzz dies down, she jumps to $4.99, so take advantage and get yours while the gettin’s good.


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