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Get The Prospect for 99 cents for one more week!

Get ready. By this time next week, The Prospect Kindle edition will cost you $4.99. Don’t lose this last opportunity to steal it from me at just 99 cents. Heh heh.

Also, I hope it’s OK to ask you, if you’ve already purchased The Prospect, to upload a review to Amazon as soon as you can so I can take a good star rating to some other marketing outlets, including KDP ads. I’m a little reticent to spend much money on ads, but I really believe this book has a nice audience waiting out there; they just need to find out it exists. And that’s the real problem with indie publishing these days—it’s incredibly hard for any one book to move across readers’ attention screens. Everyone’s swimming in book covers crying for eyeballs.

Meanwhile, if you love baseball and you’d like to see how I imagine a woman might one day sneak into Major League Baseball, buy The Prospect today. Grab a hot dog and beer while you’re at it.

PS—A woman just started a minor league game in the Atlantic League last week. The Prospect is coming true in real time!


Photo by Michael C on Unsplash.


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