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Another dark day in 21st century America

Roe v. Wade is dead. Long live Roe v. Wade.

Everyone knew this was coming, and not just because of the leaked draft in which Samuel Alito’s orgasm over the coming decision (sorry about that) was almost palpable. Donald Trump’s ability to get three Handmaid’s Tale judges onto the Supreme Court provided all the writing on the wall we needed to see that Roe’s days were numbered. The right’s relentless conquest of the South, Midwest, and Great Plains assured the production of more extreme abortion bans than SCOTUS ever needed to be able to strike down the constitutional right to bodily autonomy. From now on, or until a Republican Congress bans abortion nationwide, about half the states will make a criminal out of you if you have an abortion, provide one, or help a woman get one.

I’m hoping, though not with a lot of optimism, that this decision ignites a huge reaction that brings millions of women to the polls in November who wouldn’t otherwise have been motivated to vote in a midterm. Millions of younger women. They’re the ones whose lives will really be affected by this cynical move by the court. Either they will have to be celibate if they want to stay on course in the plans they make for themselves, or they will be forced to give birth to unplanned children and suffer all the usual consequences. The financial burden. Lack of support from the fathers. Careers derailed. Or, an explosion of stress cause by trying to “do it all.” Conservatives pretend that compulsory childbirth will result in an adoption boom, but the overwhelming majority of mothers will elect to keep their babies. The emotional difficulty of letting a new baby go is enormous.

This is a sea change for American women, but this decision is a warning signal for other social issues that will affect millions more: contraception, same-sex relationships, gay marriage. You’d like to imagine that privacy rights protect us all from intrusion on something as basic as contraception, but apparently we’re naïve on that count. And just last week, the Texas Republican Party declared homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.” Radical right groups are targeting gays and transgender people. An extreme and aggressive Supreme Court only emboldens them.

What’s at stake is nearly every gain in our personal freedoms since the 1960s.

I think I’m starting to see the conservative game plan now. Destination: ca. 1850.


2 comments on “Another dark day in 21st century America

  1. kingmidget
    June 25, 2022

    What’s most frustrating about the gun decision and the abortion decision is that they have changed the mode of analysis in cases fundamental rights in a way that essentially overturns 100 years, or more, of how the courts have analyzed these issues. And they have done so without saying that’s what they’re doing and in a way that will make it incredibly easy to (a) strike down restrictions; and (b) take away rights.

    • Kevin Brennan
      June 25, 2022

      Exactly. You have to wonder what the motivation is, though, other than paving the road to a theocracy. Because it can’t be that, right? Right? 😲

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