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The Prospect: Free for the asking!

As baseball season comes to its early autumn climax, I thought it only fair and right to offer my baseball novel, The Prospect, for free to readers who love baseball and books.

Through Wednesday, you can pick up a copy of the Kindle edition gratis, so, hey—go do that.

The Prospect, in case you’ve forgotten, is about the first woman to make her way into Major League Baseball.

When seasoned baseball scout, Bud Esterhaus, recruits phenom pitcher, Joe Carpenter, for the El Centro Sand Cats, he thinks he might be able to wind down his career with a patina of quality. But as Joe climbs through the minor league ranks and attracts the attention of the L.A. Dodgers, Bud is stunned to discover that the budding star is actually a girl—a she-nom—and the whole plan will come crashing down if he can’t cook up a way to keep her identity hidden from the testosterone-steeped world of professional baseball. Joe Carpenter is really Jo Carpenter, and Bud thinks she’s good enough to be the first woman to make The Show.

Offer ends Wednesday at midnight.

Amazon reviewer comments:

“I know zip about baseball, but I know when a writer has hit one out of the park. Kevin Brennan has done just that with The Prospect.”

“This was one of those books that I was sorry to see end.”

“The issues at stake are timely and transcend the yard, holding great appeal for fans and non-fans alike. Like Jo, this book is a six tool all star.”

“I devoured this book, and I don’t even follow baseball.”

“I can say without reservation that this book is written with an authentic voice.”


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