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Eternity Began Tomorrow is FREE this week!

This week I’m giving away copies of my 2019 novel, Eternity Began Tomorrow. I like to think of it as a projection of how 2020 might have turned out in a better world than the one we got. Sure, it’s full of political turmoil and the threat of catastrophe due to climate change, but I think we all have to agree: The world of EBT beats this one.

Here’s the story, in a nutshell:

When Molly “Blazes” Bolan, a young hotshot reporter for an online news outlet, is assigned the biggest story of her career, she’s eager to run with it. Her subject, John Truthing, has built a cultish organization called “Eternity Began Tomorrow” to fight climate change, and it’s starting to snowball big time. As Blazes digs in, she’s both impressed and disturbed by Truthing, a charismatic eco-warrior with revolutionary ideas. Disturbed because his followers are mainly millennials, all hooked on a drug called Chillax and so devoted they would jump off a cliff if he asked it of them. Fact by fact, Blazes uncovers the truth about Chillax, the truth about its maker, Lebensraum Enterprises of Liechtenstein, and the truth about Truthing himself. And just as Molly’s own brother, Rory, gets recruited into the group, Truthing announces his run for president in 2020 as an independent. Blazes knows that the final story in her EBT series could destroy his movement, but she’s torn. The cause is worthy. The stakes are high. And the election of 2020 could decide the fate of life on earth. If Trump wins reelection, it’s all over.

A provocative exploration of society, politics, and human nature in an era of conflict and mistrust, Eternity Began Tomorrow shows us that the truth is never easy to confront and the political is always personal.

You can pick up the Kindle edition for free all week, so if you missed it in 2019/20, now’s your chance to catch up.

By the way, if you prefer analog books, the paperback edition is available for just $6.99.

And here’s a little morsel from the book to whet your whistle:


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