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Ta Ta, Tees ~ #3

It’s hard to say goodbye to this one. Perhaps none of my others have gotten me as many comments on the street, usually just, “Taco Tuesday! Ha!” Typically I’d say something like, “I’m completely confused,” or “It’s always taco Tuesday somewhere.”

Alas, I’ve worn TT so much it can’t hold itself together much longer, so I’ve decided to fold it up and keep it in my t-shirt memorial drawer, where many of my all-time favorites are interred. My softball shirt from 1984-87 is there–Scutboys! (We were mediocre at best.) My Elvis Costello Spike shirt is one of its drawer-mates.

Like so many belongings, t-shirts are records of a certain time in life. Since they’re transitory, they must go at some point, but we think of them and we can only remember, and smile.

Join me—won’t you?—in saying “Ta ta” to this tee.


2 comments on “Ta Ta, Tees ~ #3

  1. kingmidget
    October 31, 2022

    Ah yes, the T-Shirt Memorial Space. For years, my boys made me t-shirts with their handprints for Father’s day. Those are in my t-shirt stack and likely will always be there, even if I hardly ever wear them. Same too with any t-shirt that has SF Giants on it. And there are a few others that I’ve owned for several decades.

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