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Worst-case scenario

It’s worth emerging from my blogging hiatus to let everyone know that Alex Vorkov’s Generation 0: Unhumans is now available on Amazon. Maybe you remember my interview with Vorkov in … Continue reading

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Multicolored ~ nonfiction by Luanne Castle

Originally posted on The Disappointed Housewife:
GREEN surrounds me as I enter the butterfly pavilion. The leaves of the trees and flowers create an oasis in the Sonoran desert. All…

June 26, 2018 · 2 Comments

Parade, a documentary: Shot List ~ lost production notes by Jake Sheff

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Jake Sheff is a major and pediatrician in the US Air Force, married with a daughter and three pets. Currently home is the Mojave…

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On Stamp Collections and Sentiment ~ essay by Bill Pearse

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Tom Barra was from Queens, Italian, early 20s, playing the part of a preteen in our show. His fraternity brothers called him Cuda and…

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That’s the day I started What The Hell. Five years ago today. Long-time readers might remember that I started the blog as a way of dipping my toe into the … Continue reading

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We put the “amor” in amortization

For your listening pleasure, a little relationship advice you can use. Love is the investment that keeps on paying dividends.  

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How to be a Different Kind of Showgirl ~ memoir by Kat Knuth

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Curse the alarm. I mean really curse it. Curse at it as your fist slams into the shrieking metal bells atop the heart-shaped clock.…

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