Kevin Brennan Writes About What It's Like

“We’re passing through here kind of fast”

The other day I watched what was purported to be David Crosby’s last interview before he died. It appeared to be a Zoom-style thing with a radio personality, and in … Continue reading

January 30, 2023 · 6 Comments

Another GOP fustercluck

The catastrophe that was the installation of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives Friday night tells us, among other things, that the insurrection is still in progress. … Continue reading

January 8, 2023 · 9 Comments

My final midterms soapbox sermon

This is probably one of the most profoundly significant weeks in American history. Across the country, voters are going to decide whether we pull back from an autocratic attempt to … Continue reading

November 7, 2022 · 7 Comments

Fight, fight, fight

Calls to quit Twitter are loud and many these days, since Elon Musk took over the Blue Bird Café. Some people say the place has already been overrun with racists, … Continue reading

November 4, 2022 · 10 Comments

Seven days that could shake the world

One week to Election Day. Why is the phrase “existential angst” careening around in my head? Oh, I know. It’s because tainted candidates like Herschel Walker in Georgia and Mehmet … Continue reading

November 1, 2022 · 10 Comments

Vote in the midterms: it’s our only hope 😱

I spotted a tweet the other day, admonishing us to stop saying Democrats are going to lose in the upcoming midterms. It said we should be more like Ukrainians, vowing … Continue reading

October 20, 2022 · 8 Comments

Bare trees

It’s starting to look like the live oaks in my area are dying. I’m no arborist, and I haven’t been able to nail down whether these trees typically turn yellow … Continue reading

September 21, 2022 · 9 Comments

This is not a rant; it’s an essay about words 😃

I love words. I’m a writer, so I love words. Words have meaning. Words have impact. Words have connotations, implications, derivations, conjugations, constructions, abstractions, and distinctions. Words can help or … Continue reading

September 5, 2022 · 9 Comments

Mourn on the 4th of July

Over the holiday weekend I was thinking about the state of the nation, seeing as how it was the nation’s birthday and all—its 246th to be exact. I couldn’t think … Continue reading

July 5, 2022 · 15 Comments

Another dark day in 21st century America

Roe v. Wade is dead. Long live Roe v. Wade. Everyone knew this was coming, and not just because of the leaked draft in which Samuel Alito’s orgasm over the … Continue reading

June 25, 2022 · 2 Comments