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Flash fiction (and poetry)

When I’m not hammering my way through a novel, I squeak out smaller ideas in flash fiction pieces (and occasional poetry) and send them out to small online publications. Here’s the current lineup:


“An Impromptu Volcano” —Every Day Fiction

“Robert Daniel Crandell”—Bright Flash Literary Review

“The Wake”—Twin Pies Literary

“We Will Do Your Dishes”—The Daily Drunk

“The Wiry Man With the Underbite”—Sledgehammer

“Turkey”—Fictive Dream

“Eulogy”—Atlas and Alice

“Mr. Tree Man”—Fictive Dream

“Facts about my father not revealed to me till now”—The Bookends Review

“Like an Arrow”—MoonPark Review

“Describe Your Father in One Sentence”—Atticus Review

“The Non Sequitur Project”—LEON Literary Review

“The time of my end rushes”—The Elevation Review (poetry)

“Three Poems”—Misfit Magazine (poetry)

“Destroy All Joshes!” and “The Barber’s Tale”—Flash Boulevard

“Late realizations (after Uvalde)” and “Witness][Bridge”—talking about strawberries all of the time (poetry)

“What it all comes down to”—Scapegoat Review (poetry)

“Drug Spots”—isotrope

“Blood Brothers”—Tiny Molecules

“The Tennis Pro Retires”—3rd Wednesday

“All our mothers must die”—The Decadent Review (poetry)

“Tom and Huck Get a Shotgun Reception in the Woods”—Moot Point

“Childhood Home” and “I am that unhappy being”—forthcoming from Mantis (poetry)

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